Why pursue a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration?

Why pursue a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration? The University of Wyoming’s MS HSA program will provide individuals the opportunity to establish and strengthen one’s skillset in compliance and regulatory matters, financial management, foundational human resources, institutional leadership and many other facets that are proven to be an integral part of any healthcare organization.

A Master’s in Health Services Administration is extremely versatile and well respected, leaving the healthcare profession in its entirety, open for potential job opportunities. A career in health services administration is very rewarding and allows for a healthy work-life balance, which as we know, is the key to a successful, life-long career. Today’s healthcare administration profession covers a broad spectrum of both business-based and medically-focused themes. In order to be effective, one must have a strong understanding of both, the human aspects of patient experience and the financial responsibilities required to maintain an effective business. The MS HSA program at the University of Wyoming has a fantastic track record of preparing individuals for such achievement.

With the ever-changing American Healthcare System, more and more organizations are discovering the need to bring future healthcare administrators up to speed. Those who have completed the MS HSA program, have the potential to help medical providers function optimally while maintaining their focus on the health and well-being of their patients.

This graduate degree has proven to open numerous doors and inspire individuals to cultivate high-performing departments within a wide range of healthcare services, from physical therapy to hospital-based medicine. If you are already in the healthcare profession looking to make the next step or are thinking about a career change, this degree is the right move for you. Go Pokes!

Written by: Katie Cook | MS HSA ’19 | Institutional Leadership | Current Company: UCHealth | Role: Practice Manager-Orthopedic Division

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